Guide through Bipolar Disorder

This Page was created by Danielle Kirby and her Organization Be Bigger, to empower people with Bipolar Disorder to live and thrive with their diagnosis! We Post every Sunday<3

Danielle’s Story

Danielle was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder her senior year of high school. She remembers be devastated with her diagnosis at first, but quickly learned to look at being Bipolar as a gift, not a curse. It took her months to find the right prescriptions, and years to find the right therapist. She refused to give up on herself, and knew that she could still live a normal and balanced lifestyle. She still struggles with mania, and depression today, but she has learned how to cope and mange her feelings. She created this website to empower people just like her to want to live a better, healthier lifestyle. If you would like to get in contact with Danielle you can message her on Instagram @daniellejkirby Or email her

What will we be discussing?

Every week, on Sundays, Danielle will post two posts. One post on the website, and the other post on her personal blog. Website posts will be tips and tricks that she personally uses to cope and thrive with Bipolar Disorder. She will post things like recipes for healthy eating, ways to get active, how she manages her life, and more! Blog posts will be how her week went, if she experienced any triggers, if she felt/feels depressed or manic, anything how she’s feeling she will post and be 100% open and honest with you.

“Be Bigger than the Problem; Don’t let the Problem be bigger than you.”

Wise words said from Danielle’s Father, Dan Kirby. Fun Fact, Danielle has Be Bigger tattooed on her left arm!

Healthy Eating with Bipolar Disorder

Below is a list of healthy foods that Danielle eats everyday to fuel her body and mind!

– fruits, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, grapes, pineapple, and anything else you like!

– vegetables, specifically broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, and cucumber!

– fish, anything omega-3 is very good brain fuel, so Danielle eats a ton of salmon and tuna!

– nuts, seeds, and fiber

and lastly….WATER!!!!!

New and Improved…Be Bigger logo!

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12/5/20 My dad, Dan Kirby’s Story.

DISCLOSER: this is HIS story and HIS OPINION!

My dad’s story begins when he was in college, his good friend simply said to him “man, you’re different.” This was his first sign that he might be bipolar . Before this my dad had no symptoms or had an idea. It wasn’t until he met my mom 12 years later, that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 34. As a child, I would see my dad struggle with depression and mania for years, But more recently he has been stable. I simply asked him, “ dad, how do you manage?” He told me “ I refuse to fail, I refuse to ring the bell and quit on myself.” My dad’s heroes and biggest inspirations are Navy Seals. My dad watches videos, reads books, and studies them as much as he can. Navy Seals empower my dad and encourage him to be the best version of himself. He may get knocked down sometimes, but he never stays down long and he always rises. One of the many things he has taught me is that being bipolar is a gift, I never knew what he meant by this until we discussed it recently. My dad can read people, and can sense if they are a good or bad person through their energy. Nine times out of ten my dad is spot on about people’s intentions. Another way my dad looks at bipolar as being a gift is we (bipolar patients) can enjoy things that very few people can, like the little things in life. “Music can save your life if you let it.” Some of the wisest words he has ever said to me. My dad believes that all music is soul music and is made to empower you. Music is a crutch for everyone to lean on in times of need. My dad’s favorite artists are, TOOL, Led Zeppelin, Wu-Tang Clan, and The Almond Brothers. The last thing that my father wanted me to leave you with was this, “love yourself, embrace your diagnosis, accept the mania and ride the high as well as ride the lows, know what makes you happy, know that you can overcome anything, and life only gets better from here.” The last thing that I wanted to leave with you about my dad is nothing slows him down. He is the mentally strongest person I know, and God couldn’t have given me a better father. I look up to him so much, and I strive to be like him everyday. He has an amazing work ethic, that he has passed down to me, and he teaches me to be the best version of myself everyday. If you want to get in touch with Dan, you can email me, or Instagram message me( information is in contacts) and I can give you his info. I hope his story inspires you:)

12/13/2020 Tedi Grigg-Kirbys Story

“Own your diagnosis, don’t let people bring you down.”

said by my mom, Tedi.

My mom, Tedi Grigg-Kirby, is a woman like no other. She is strong, educated, wise, and the kindest person in the world. She has been living with not one, but two, people with bipolar disorder for the past 20 years. Before my dad was diagnosed, she remembers him having extreme highs and lows, as well as a few other symptoms, so she is the one that encouraged him to see a psychiatrist to then be officially diagnosed. My mom went with my dad to Mohave County Mental Health clinic in Kingman, Arizona for his diagnoses. They were there for two hours to get a full examination to make sure that my dad was really bipolar. The story behind my mom and I’s relationship with bipolar is much different. I was the one that came to my mom and told her that I think I might have bipolar disorder, and that I wanted to see a psychiatrist. She immediately made me an appointment with Dr. Ron Zedek. It was then at our first appointment, and after talking with him, that he diagnosed me bipolar. Although my dad and I are related, our cases of bipolar are much different. I asked my mom if she can manage that, living with two people who are bipolar in two very different ways. She told me “ It’s the love I have for you two that keeps me going.” She then went on to say how her bond with my dad, and the love for me, as her child, is what also keeps her going. “ Some days are extremely challenging, and can be mentally taxing on me” says Tedi, “ I worry that some days the depression you two experiense might be too much to handle and I won’t be able to do anything to help.” That’s the thing with my mom, she truly wants the best for my dad and I, but sometimes she just doesn’t know how to help, and that’s okay. I told her, just knowing she is there for me whenever I need her is more than enough support. My mom has struggled with mental health herself in her life. She has experienced depression on a couple different occasions, when my mom’s best friend passed away, and when her aunt was murdered. So in a way, she can relate to my dad and me. I was curious to see how my mom felt about my website, blog, and me being so open on social media, and in my personal life about being bipolar. She then goes on to tell me that she is extremely proud, she says “ People need to realize that mental illness is something you cannot control, you don’t choose to be the way you are. So more people should be understanding and okay with mental illness, there shouldn’t be a negative stigma behind it.” My mom wants me to break barriers, and educate people on how it is to live with bipolar. The last thing my mom wanted me to leave you with was this. “ If you have a loved one with bipolar disorder, like I do, be kind and patient. Love that person with your whole heart and make it clear to them that you are always, 100% of the time, there for them. When you are frustrated, take a deep breath, and be there for that person.” Thank you mom for letting you pick your wise brain on bipolar, and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I love you! I hope you can learn something from this week’s post. Stay tuned for next week when I interview my best friend Meagan Dupee’. We discussed mental health, and her experience with depression, and how she copes! Thanks for reading, and i’ll see you guys next week 🙂

My Crazy Life the Past Few Weeks!

My life has been nothing short of eventful the past few weeks! I was featured on Toddlers and Tiaras: Where are They Now, I spoke about Be Bigger and the importance of mental health to a college organization, I competed in my first Miss division pageant, and I moved to Arizona! Staying busy like this and having events and things to look forward too really helps keep my mind at ease. I moved to Arizona to help my grandparents, and while I’m here I will be going to college, working towards my associates degree in psychology. Arizona is a big change from Las Vegas, but I’m hoping its for the better! My goals while I’m here is to get my mind and body in shape, grow more independence, and become a over all better me. Ill be posting next week updating all of you on how my first week went! See you Bipolar Kings and Queens next week!:)

See you on Sunday 🙂
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